Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Return


I haven't posted anything for over two years. My last post was about my climb up Lone Peak, which was my goal for about two years. I guess since I accomplished it I sort of took a two year break from doing anything else but watching all those high school teenage drama shows on Netflix that I never watched. There's a lot of TV out there and I had a lot of catching up to do. One Tree HIll, Vampire Diaries, Friday Night Lights. There are some others but those were my three love affairs. That's all you need know.

I did run a half marathon. Ran it in 2 hrs and 2 minutes. That's all I have to say about that goal....other than it sucked any possible desire I ever had to run a full marathon out of my system. There is never any reason good enough to run longer than one hour (unless you're being chased, or trying to save somebody's life)...and even that is stretching it.

Tiffany, Amy, other runners...I know you disagree but if you look deep enough into your eyes (through the mirror) you will see the truth of my words standing may even start to cry...and you will's okay to stop running. There's nothing to run from anymore. Stop. Turn around. And tell yourself and anyone standing by you, "I'm tired from kicking so much butt!"

The Kid with Blonde Hair

Family Emails on November 8, 2012 in response to a video of Max, my nephew, that his father Matthew sent to the family

Matt:  Max's assist. 

Dave:  Way to spot that the striker had pulled up on his run!

Really great ball movement; way better than the other team.  Seeing that makes me want to record James at soccer practice, but even more makes me want some video of me playing.  That's right.  I joined a recreational league.  Once a week I run the pitch and am constantly asked by my team what position I'm playing.  I never give a straight answer and then run off in a sprint toward the ball, which is never there by the time I get there.  It's exhausting. 

Matt:   Watching max play and especially watching his coach, who played professionally in Mexico, makes me feel I can play. So I can appreciate Dan's desire to film himself. 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We Did It. Finally.

If you scroll down a few posts, you will find an entry about a mountain called Lone Peak and how I wanted so badly to climb it and totally failed due to an allergy attack I got (that Tiff prayed for).

So, I climbed it Sep. 23rd, one year later. Teaching me, if you fail, try again in a year.

I also learned:

-I got all the stupidity genes in my family

-Also, you can lose a toenail in a day and two hiking poles

-Don't forget, God put pine trees on earth to give us something to grab when we fall

-Cairns don't always mark the best route

- I do get tired of PB&Js

-trail mix is the most correctly named treat to date

Yes, the mountain is a learning experience, and it's free (if you don't count the time off work and the mental and emotional exertion)

Luckily, this hike was nowhere near the 'learning experience' that Timponogos was a year ago (scroll even further through the blog entries for that life threatening lesson). Probably because we didn't have the exact hike group members as the year before. Namely, Tiffany. She got a job and thought about joining but didn't. We had Elle, Val, Drexel, Danielle, Kassie, my brother Dan and cousin Adam.

Started at 6:30 a.m. at the Jacobs Ladder trailhead and we booked it up the trail. It felt fast and good (not like our return).

Took a group shot at Lone Rock and then began the 2400 ft elevation gain on Jacobs Ladder. Folks, a ladder it was. That's all I can say...straight on up for 1.3 miles. I didn't mind the first half of it and I won't mention how I felt about the last half. What's cool is once you knock out the first 3 miles, everywhere you look is impressive. It was unlike anything I've done.

Rolling waves of granite slabs were everywhere with some fascinating intricacies carved into the stone from millions of years of mother nature working her awesome miracles.

Craning your neck upwards you can see the intimidating cliffs creating an unforgettable cirque, and we were still 2 miles away. There were detours and doubts about trails. Worries that others were on the wrong trails but all accompanied with the faith that people could see which direction to go. I felt so relieved and happy when we spotted part of our group surfing the granite slabs.

It was comforting when I hear various members "whooping" and yelling from different sections of the mountain. I'm just sayin'

The Top: Was scary...period. We found ourselves on a flat stone slab about 5 square feet. Three of the four sides had a 1000 foot drop :) (maybe like 300 ft but it felt like way more!). For some stupid reason, I like doing crow on mountain peaks. However, I didn't dare lift my feet from the slab. My brother Danny crawled onto the summit and made sure as much surface area of his body was touching the slab at any given second.

My friend Drexel (real name) claims she is new to hiking, but she's more like a pro. She handles a mountain like it's an apple. She doesn't need to hike anymore because she's conquered the best ones on the front. I mean, I've been preparing for Lone Peak for three years, Drexel prepared for like a month. Her neon jacket was the best. You could see her anywhere on the mountain.

Dan and Adam worked the mountain like it was the living room. Poor Adam, I think the closest one to Adam's age was still 10 yrs older then him. He and Dan could've done the hike in 7 hrs or so. However, they are extremely smart and opted for the company of the less agile and age-ed.

We did the 12 mile, 5700 foot elevation gain hike in 10 hrs. I think that's awesome. Definitely my favorite hike I've ever done. Unforgettable. I can't stop looking at the Peak. I drive Suncrest as often as I can to get a look at that gorgeous beast.

Thanks to all who hiked it. I love you all! You all add so much to the experience. It wouldn't be the same without you. This is the first summer I've had the great opportunity to hike with my brother Dan. There are 7 years separating us, so we've not had many opportunities to do things together and this summer has been a treat. Love you Dan.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Karma Works for Me Now

You know how if you say, "I will NEVER do that!" You will, one day, actually do that. Or you feel contempt towards a friend for something rude and inconsiderate they did, you will, one day, watch yourself do the exact same thing? It's like a universal rule, Karma, a law...infallible. I try to watch what I say, because I know I will eat every critical, contemptible, arrogant and prejudice remark that escapes my lips. Unfortunately, those things still slip out. However, today my friend Amy Poulsen introduced me to a whole new world of thought. My eyes are open and I am overwhelmed by the possibilities this new thought will shower upon me.

Amy, Tiff and I sat at Zupa's today. I ate an asian salad (mmmm...sesame ginger dressing), Tiffany some onion soup with coconut (barfarama) and Amy some lame drink...probably water...because she ate a sandwich before she came...that's cheating (and I can accuse her of that and not fear Karma because I too have been guilty of that treachery). Anyway, Amy sat there mocking her brother's parenting skills with caustic and slanderous digs. I agreed 100 percent with Amy's analysis of why the kids have poor.....(fill in the blank...I still don't dare say it). And then, the epiphany decended upon us, like a train on it's track (oh...that's a good one)....Amy proceeded to dare Karma to prove her wrong. Almost shouting the child raising errors to the skies. Give her a chance big K....prove her wrong. Give her some kids of her own and SHOW her. TEACH her. SUBDUE her! I dare you. (By the way, Amy is single, she run's 6 miles a day, rode the Lotoja, and ran into a tree in college when trying to escape a boy chasing after her). Seriously, why not? If there is something missing in our lives, critisize someone who has what we want, and I bet....pretty soon...we will be on our way to having exactly what we want.

I'm gonna get a bumper sticker make for this : Tricking Karma since October 20, 2009.
And a wooden sign with this painted: Kicking Karma est 10/20/09 which will hang where my real one ought to have been hanging for the last 10 years.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My heart works better when I'm around these cherubs

Felt an urge to post a bunch of pictures of my lil' guys and gal. I never had a clue how much I would care about these little ones. I miss them everyday of my life since each of them was born. (It's obvious that there are more pics of some then the others, not because I'm biased, only because some parents post more pics than others)

Olive in Utah, chilling by grandpa's car, holding Pyper

Olive and James in a stroller war

Olive and James with their favorite aunt

Max in skeleton PJ's and tights

Sam and me after chowing on ice cream

Max demonstrating downdog

Just rescued Sam from getting pelted with water (I thought it was funny, he didn't)

Classic brothers shot

Max and Sam (who looks ticked)

Best outfit EVER!

They are gong to be great friends

The boys with their dad

James and his dad asleep in my car

James sucking on a hose

James talking on a camera

??Just having a good time

Love the tongue

Sometimes Failure is the Best Option

I felt like I should knock on wood as I made the statement, "I'm so excited, I'm going to accomplish my physical summer goal." It was 5:30 am and I was in the car with Tiffany Peterson as we headed toward the Ghost Falls trailhead that would take us on a 12 mile journey to Lone Peak. I've wanted to hike this for years, but felt intimidated. This year was going to be different.

Tiff and I on a campout up Big Cottonwood

This IS NOT Lone Peak, but I wanted you to see a picture of mountains incase you didn't know what they are

I couldn't sleep the night before. I can never sleep when I'm excited about something. All night the elevation and distance of the hike were running through my head as I made comparisons to other hikes (Olympus, Pfeifferhorn, Timpanogos). Seriously, numbers rolled through my brain all night. It also didn't help that the wind was blowing...I can't stand the wind...except for the time I was a passenger on the Santa Maria (sister to Nina and Pinta) crossing the Atlantic.

To be honest, I felt like I should throw the towel in when my alarm went off. No sleep, wind and an already 76 degrees is not a combo platter I want to order. However, you all know I can be extremely stubborn and I was afraid this might be my last chance for the year, since snow was predicted for the following day (prediction correct). I didn't care. I just wanted to accomplish my goal. So off we went.

This is to show how stubborn I can be

And stupid (but a fighter too, yes?)

So when I forgot to clock the distance on the dirt road (supposed to go 2.6 miles) to the trailhead we just weren't sure where to start. Tiffany expressed some concern about getting too late of a start, I of course shrugged it off and thought we should go back and clock the distance....we would only be 40 minutes behind schedule. Tiff is a person that I think understands how I operate....I just need time to come to the right decision...AND I need an insurmountable obstacle in my way. WHich is why I'm positive she prayed that I would have the worst allergy attack I've ever had in my life. It's two days later and my eyes are still swollen shut. The attack was awesome! In three minutes time I was sneezing like crazy, tears streaming down my cheeks, eyes puffing up...and I was driving. I was too dumb to have Tiff drive, because it was only 20 minutes to my place, I didn't know that in minutes I would be blind!

I usually feel really bad when I don't do what I say I'm going to do. Even a good excuse makes me feel like a loser. However, there was NO STINKING WAY I could've done that hike. And now? I'm left wondering if I will accomplish my goal...and if it doesn't doesn't happen. It was a good lesson for me, sometimes you gotta give, and if you don't, God will blind you.